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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 08:31

Sanwecka U 20 FC feels cheated in the HBC Bonanza

Written by  Bernard Mhone

Mzuzu, January 10, 2017: Champions of Home Base College (HBC) K350, 000.00 Bonanza, Sanwecka Under 20 Football Club is demanding K90, 000.00 as an outstanding balance for their prize money for being the winners.

According to the coach for the club, Arnold Mtonga, organisers of the bonanza promised teams to tussle for championship at a tune of K120, 000.00 and K70, 000.00 to the runners up but surprisingly the champions got K30, 000.00.

He lamented that his team was given K30, 000.00 instead of K120, 000.00 for emerging winners of the bonanza which took place recently at Chibavi Primary School Ground in Mzuzu.

“We participated in the K350, 000.00 bonanza but to our surprise, we being the champions were given K30, 000.00 instead of K120, 000.00 as promised.

We are complaining because the money we got was very much below from what we were supposed to be given. Our players were motivated and sweated to access the pledged amount but unfortunately they got K30 000.00. What can we do with K30 000.00? We want the remaining money,” Mtonga pointed out.

Sanwecka FC defeated Katoto Select to be crowned the champions of the bonanza.

Operations Manager for Home Base College, Winnie Mbarley dismissed the claim saying the bonanza was well conducted and all participating teams got their dues as planned.

“For the champions it was 15 scholarships at HBC, K70, 000.00 as school allowance, K40, 000.00 cash on spot and two scholarships at Sanwecka Technology Companion. For the runners up, it was 10 scholarships at HBC, K50, 000.00 as school allowance, K20, 000.00 cash on the spot and a scholarship at Sanwecka Technology Companion,” he clarified.

“Who promised them K120, 000.00? Sanwecka FC did not pay the K10, 000.00 registration fees and agreed to pay the fee at the day the bonanza was conducted. Their treasurer was not available at this day hence we decided to deduct K10, 000.00 from the K40, 000.00 cash amount. We do not have any balance with any team,” Mbarley cleared the issue.

He said the bonanza was mainly organized to motivate players who have an interest to attain higher education qualifications.


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