22 February 2018
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Friday, 01 December 2017 06:34

SOZOBAL organizes awards cocktail night

Written by  Chilungamo Missi

Blantyre, October 30, 2017: Malawi’s Southern Zone for Basketball League (SOZOBAL) will on December 1, 2017 host an awards cocktail night at Blantyre Youth Centre (BYC).

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, SOZOBAL secretary, Kelvin Kalua, said they have organized the event with the aim of fundraising money to be used in renovating the BYC Basketball Court.

“The main reason behind the event is fundraising. We are trying to raise money which we want to use in roofing our court at BYC. As you know, this is rainy season, so the roof will be helpful,” he said.

Kalua further said apart from fundraising, SOZOBAL also wants to award teams and players that have excelled in the sport.

“Normally, what usually happens is that after the last game of our league, we give trophies and medals to the winning teams,” added Kalua.

He further said they have been approached by sponsors of their league recently so the award night will also recognize sponsors for their contribution.

Entry tickets are going at K5, 000 per person with corporate stands going at K100, 000.


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