26 April 2018
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 11:30

Staff Shortage: Sectors fail to access ORT at Chiradzulu Council

Written by  Linda Likomwa

Chiradzulu, October 9, 2017: Some sectors at Chiradzulu District Council are failing to access Other Recurrent Transactions (ORT) due to shortage of account staffs at the council.

Recently Councillors raised the concern that since January some sectors at the council are failing to access ORT and it was affecting the operations of the sectors as they were failing to supervise projects in the district.

Acting District Commissioner (DC), Harris Kachale confirmed the development Monday but said this was so because some sectors have no accounts personnel and they rely on the available personnel.

“The central government give us the ORT every month and sectors are failing to access is because they do not have accounts personnel at their sector. They rely on other sectors accounts personnel,” he explained, adding that those that have accounts personnel are able to access their ORT for operations in good time.

Kachale said the sectors are lazy in their part as they fail to follow up with the accounts department in good time.

He asked the affected sectors to write his office indicating on the months they have failed to access the ORT, but only the forest department has complied with the request.

Kachale  said his office has requested the accounts department to assign responsible persons for the sectors so that when such thing happens, they should know who to question.

District Youth Office (DYO) for Chiradzulu, Patrick Mulinga whose sector is affected said this happens when they submit their request late to the accounts departments.

“I have managed to access ORT for all the months except for April and May because of late submission,” he said.

The affected sectors include Forest, Fisheries, Water, Labour, Housing, Labour, Sports and Youth among others.


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