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Friday, 22 March 2019 11:54

Foundation promotes sport activities

Written by  Daniel Namwini
Phwetekele football club. Phwetekele football club. pic by Daniel Namwini

Lilongwe, March 22, 2019: A Lilongwe based Non-governmental Organization (NGO), Grace Foundation with support from Royal Air Force in United Kingdom (UK) Thursday hosted youth sporting activities to empower them and refrain themselves from malpractices.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe, Programme Manager for the Organization, Watson Kulinji said the organization introduces youth sporting activities such as football and netball trophy in various areas in the city such as Kauma, Kandikole and Malingunde ground among others.

“We donated sporting kits, football and netball to both teams in rural and urban areas within the district in order to keep them physically fit and ensuring that youths are busy with it,” he said.

Kulinji added that both games assistance youths to be busy with, rather than involving them in misconducts such as stealing, gamboling, smoking, drinking beer, indulge in unprotected sex and vandalism many others.

However, both teams in rural and urban areas have a challenge of sporting kits so the organization gives them kits to ease the challenge.

He explained that the country’s physically challenged youth have lots of potential which, if supported, would affect positive reflections on development.

Grace foundation is committed to supporting initiatives that enhance Malawians’ wellbeing and that is the more reason they were not hesitant with the monitory contribution when they were approached to partner with community members.

The Organization use sports initiative as a medium to channel HIV and AIDS awareness messages to the physically challenged youth whom he alleged that they were left out on the same.

“Sports and arts provide a national identity to both the nation and the outside world and as part of its transformation agenda, our organization will seek to harness the country’s artistic, to become an integral part of the development process,” he said.

Among the teams that were benefited with sporting kits include Chibobo football club and Phwetekele netball team among others.

“The initiative has helped the youths in the community to reduce misconducts which were happened which tarnishes their images,” Chibobo football club coach, James Bwanali said.

Former Flames and Silver Strikers prayer, Hellings Mwakasungula asked the government to construct netball and football grounds so that youths can sharpen their skills and talents.

“Youth love sports but they have a challenge of grounds because Kandikole pitch is not in a good condition and it is closer to a bin where people found it difficult to view games,” he noted.


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