17 August 2019
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Gaming board moves in to address negative effects of gambling

Written by  Patricia Kapulula
Gaming board moves in to address negative effects of gambling pic sourced from internet

Lilongwe, January 9, 2019.Malawi Gaming Board and National Lotteries Board (MGB/NLB) have partnered with St John of God Hospitality to mitigate harmful effects of gambling by raising awareness on effects of irresponsible gambling.

MGB/NLB Director of Operations, Davie Saeluzika said recently that gambling comes with addiction, hence the need to put in place measures that would address such effects.

He said the board has a process of ensuring that gambling clients are not exposed to intensity in terms of irresponsible gambling.

“We have what we call self exclusion. We allow players to come voluntarily and ask for self exclusion whereby they are barred from visiting the gambling houses for a year. And after that they are reviewed,” he said.

This letter of exclusion is given to all joints to bar a particular individual for a period of time.

Saeluzika said some people will be recommended for rehabilitation after assessing their case, saying when addicted to gambling, some players are affected and in the process they lose a lot and this becomes a problem.

He said it is against this background that the board has entered into an agreement with St John of God Hospitality in Mzuzu, saying they are experts in managing addictions.

The hospitality institution will be offering awareness in irresponsible gambling so that negative effects of gambling are taken care of and addressed.

Despite gambling having a bad side through addiction, there is a positive side in terms of corporate social responsibility through levies collected which are used to develop livelihoods in the communities by providing services which are required in a particular community.

Saeluzika, therefore, called upon people to take gambling as a source of entertainment.

“Gambling is a leisure thing and not a full time thing or something that would make the players rich through it. Players should take it as a contribution to community development,” he said.

It is expected that the board and St John of God will have a workshop this January to discuss gambling addiction as well as sensitizing the operators on the issue.

Malawi Gaming Board and the National lotteries Board are statutory corporations established by Acts of Parliament number 26 of 1996 and number 9 of 2003 respectively.

MGB/NLB is going through a process of a merger to form a new organization called the Malawi Gaming and Lotteries Authority.

Its mandate is to provide for the regulation of gaming, control and licensing of gaming premises, imposition and recovery of tax on gaming and provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.


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