22 March 2019
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Friday, 07 December 2018 07:37

Nyasa Big Bullets Board of Directors rewards its players

Written by  Arkangel Tembo
Nyasa Big Bullets Board of Directors rewards its players pic by Tione Andsen (Mana)

Blantyre, December 07, 2018: Despite bowing out of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League, Nyasa Big Bullets players have been rewarded by their Board of Directors for putting a gallant fight.

The Peoples Team lost 1-0 away in Nairobi before a 4-3 defeat in post-match penalties in Blantyre.

Bullets had all the chances to progress through into the next round when they were awarded a penalty three minutes to time when they were leading 1-0.

However, veteran striker Chiukepo Msowoya missed the penalty forcing the two teams to be separated on post-match penalties after the final whistle.

Miracle Gabeya and Pilirani Zonda missed their spot kicks, while Msowoya and Fodya converted for Bullets.

Before the match, Nyasa Big Bullets players were promised K7.5 million for a win but instead it pleased Nyasa Big Bullets Board of Directors who thought it wise to recompense its players by giving them something.

Nyasa Big Bullets Team Manager James Chilapondwa, who confirmed the development, could not divulge the total figure.

Nyasa Big Bullets Captain, John Lanjesi saluted their Board of Directors for the money and said it will motivate them in local games.

"We are out but this gesture is timely as we are travelling to Lilongwe to face Silver Strikers in the FISD Cup," he said.


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