15 October 2018
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Thursday, 17 May 2018 14:55

MUYAM to donate items to Muslim inmates at Mulanje Prison

Written by  Ida Nazombe

Blantyre, May 16, 2018: TheMuslim Youth Association of Muloza (MUYAM) will on Friday donate assorted items to Muslim inmates at Mulanje Prison.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency on Wednesday, Acting Secretary for MUYAM, Bashir Mailosi, said that preparations for the occasion are at an advanced stage and that they are just looking forward to the day.

“The main aim of this trip is to help our Muslim brothers who are lacking resources to use in the holy month of Ramadhan in which all Muslims are encouraged to fast as one pillars of Islam,” Bashir said.

Bashir further made it clear that by targeting only Muslim inmates, they want to ease the month of Ramadhan to them by providing them with resources to prepare Iftar and Dakwi.

“They will be using the items to prepare Iftar which is evening food to break the fasting and Suhoor (Food taken early in the morning before sunrise) popularly known as Dakwi.

“Charity begins at home. This time will be for Muslim inmates only. However, we also have plans to visit the prison in the future in order to reach out to all inmates with the little Allah will bless us with,” he added.

Mailosi said that apart from donating the items, they are going to engage the inmates in different activities including Friday prayers, lectures on fasting as well as entertainment through poems and comedies.


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