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Monday, 26 February 2018 12:22

Aqeel Masinja takes it to nasheeds

Written by  Rahim Kamwana


Lilongwe, February 26, 2018:  As different people are spreading the word of God through different platforms and channels, one of the Islamic nasheed artists Aqeel Masinja has also joined the fray by praising and spreading the message of God through music.

Nasheed is Arabic word for “chants” is a vocal music that is either sung acappella or accompanied by percussion instruments in line with an Islamic scholarly thought that prohibits the use of musical instruments except for some basic percussion.

Zomba based Masinja is one of the country’s nasheed artists and has so far released four songs since he joined the nasheed company. They include Tiganizenso, The Kalimah, Tidzapambana and Zikomo with some of the pieces enjoying air play in different local radio stations.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency on how he became interested in nasheeds, Masinja said it is one way of spreading and entertaining his fans.

“I started singing nasheeds soon after converting to Islam and as a nasheed artist, I thought it wise to engage myself in spreading the message.

“I feel very blessed because I entertain people and at the same time spreading the beautiful message of Islam” Masinja said.

He further said he has a vision of taking his music to another level.

“I plan to come up with nasheeds that can hit the global stage through international radios, television stations and stores like iTunes,” he said adding that he is currently working on his first album.


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