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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 13:07

Christians urged to take a leading role in tree planting and management

Written by  Aaron Banda
Youth should be part in tree planting and management. Pic by Aaron Banda. Youth should be part in tree planting and management. Pic by Aaron Banda.

Mchinji, 10th January: Catholic Church Parish Priest for Kachebere Parish, Fr. Evance Malili has urged Christians in Mchinji district to take a leading role in tree planting and management.

He made the call Wednesday at Kachebere parish in Mchinji during ongoing tree planting exercise by the parish which has targeted 10 small churches.

Malili said it is important for Christians in the district to take part in the tree planting exercises which will take place in each and every small church under the parish.

“Youth as Christians should take a leading role in protecting and safeguarding the environment by telling their parents the effects of deforestation,” he said.

The Parish Priest explained that every small church is expected to plant 200 trees during the tree planting season and urged the youth at the parish to take care of the planted trees to make sure they survive.

“We are in tree planting exercise in our parish, whereby we have youth as they are leaders of tomorrow who will use the same trees in future. We should not keep on blaming that trees have been destroyed but rather we have to ask ourselves as to how many trees we have planted in replacement,” Malili pointed out.

He asked other churches in the district to emulate the example demonstrated by the church by mobilizing their members in tree planting exercise.

Malili said the Parish has so far planted 2,000 indigenous trees such as M’bawa,” he said.

A member of Catholic Organization Young Christian Workers (YCW), Innocent Gwazani said during the tree planting exercise that every Christian is expected to plant two or more at church premises and household level.

Mchinji  District Environment Officer, Chrispin Soko commended the church for the initiative in helping the district’s plan of planting trees to recover natural vegetation.

“We are appealing to church and community members to take the ownership of these trees by taking care of them. We urge other churches and organisations in the district to come forward and do the same so that together we conserve our environment,” he said.

The Parish is expected to plant other 2,000 tree seedlings.


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