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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 15:02

Catholic Church urges followers to register for National IDs

Written by  Sam Majamanda

People waiting patiently to be registered to have an  National ID in Ntcheu - File Photo

Phalombe, September 27, 2017: The Catholic Church has urged people in Phalombe to go and register in the ongoing National Identification exercise in the district for the exercise to bear desired fruits.

Archbishop of Blantyre Diocese of the Catholic Church, Thomas Msusa made the remarks at Holy Family Catholic Church in the district Sunday where he administered the Confirmation of Sacrament to 338 Catholic followers.

He warned them against taking heed of false messages from some church pastors which aimed at discouraging followers from registering for no genuine reason.

“As a church, we have noted with ‘deep concern’ that some religious groupings are discouraging their followers from taking part in the national registration process. They argue that it is the fulfillment of the biblical 666 number,” said the prelate.

He said, “Our stand is that there is nothing wrong with the exercise because it will help government to come up with well-defined plans to deliver social services to its citizens.”

He reminded Christians that even Jesus’ parents, Joseph and Mary, went to Bethlehem for registration where Jesus was born in the process; which means there is nothing wrong with government registering people since it started way back in history.

Phalombe is one of the districts where the registration exercise faced myriad challenges in the first days with some religious leaders restricting their followers from registering for the issuance of National IDs.

They believed that taking part in the exercise was one way of promoting the establishment of Satanic kingdom.

In one of the previous sensitization meetings held recently in the area of Traditional Authority Nkhulambe, District Civic Education Officer for National Initiative for Civic Education Trust James Chimpeni accused some religious leaders of preaching false news aimed at frustrating the exercise.

He said government and development partners cannot inject more resources in an activity that is not important to the country.


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