22 February 2018
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Monday, 07 August 2017 13:28

Muslim women in Balaka secure sewing machines

Written by  Louis Kumchima

Balaka, August 7, 2017: As one way of encouraging women empowerment, Aqsa Organization has donated 142 sewing machines to 142 Islamic women who have completed a tailoring course at Fatima Tailoring Centre in Balaka.

Speaking on Sunday during the graduation ceremony held at Balaka Primary School, National Co-ordinator for Aqsa organization, Maulana Khili urged the women to use the donation effectively as it would transform their living standards.

“This is a valuable gift for you that could be used as a first step towards prosperity. You need to make informed decisions to achieve your goal. It is not good for a woman to be regarded as a puppet,” he said.

Maulana then later advised the women not to sell the sewing machines saying the money they could get cannot last long compared to the money they would be getting when they will be using the machine for business.

“It is my plea to you mothers and sisters to take care of these machines in order to realize more income in the near future,” said Maulana.

Commenting on the development, Daudi Amini, who is the Chairperson of Balaka District Council and was the Guest of Honor at the ceremony, commended Aqsa for the donation, describing it as an instrument that would reduce dependency syndrome among women in the district.

“I just want to express my gratitude to this organization for their support towards women. It is really a commendable job that will make our mothers self-reliant,” said Amini.

Aqsa is an organization that mainly does charity work in Malawi.


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