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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 11:15

Mangochi Catholic Diocese ordains two deacons to priesthood

Written by  Arnold Namanja
Deacon Matupa takes his vows of chastity, obedience and poverty before Bishop Stima as Kasambara looks on. -Pic Arnold Namanja Deacon Matupa takes his vows of chastity, obedience and poverty before Bishop Stima as Kasambara looks on. -Pic Arnold Namanja

As Fr. Girevulo celebrates Silver Jubilee

MANGOCHI, July 11: The Catholic Diocese of Mangochi on Saturday was in double celebratory occasion as it witnessed the ordination of two deacons to priesthood while Fr. Lazarus Girevulo clocked 25 years as a priest.

The two deacons who have been ordained and have since been posted to Koche and Namandanje parishes respectively are Andrew Kasambara and Kondwani Matupa. Fr. Girevulo is currently serving as Parish Priest at St. Augustine Cathedral Church.

Speaking after the ordination, Mangochi Diocese Bishop Right Reverend Montfort Stima appealed to the new priests to be exemplary among the flock by among other things, putting on clerical collar for easy identification.

“Just for being a priest, one becomes a public figure and therefore you need to put on clerical clothes that people can identify you with,” the prelate added.

Stima, however, asked the Catholic faithful to help the clergy in various ways and avoid misleading them and observing ‘social distance.’

“Priests and several other people in vocations in the church are involved in serving the faithful but they sometimes fail in their duty because of members of the church who misguide them. We should all try to refrain from that kind of conduct,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, Stima encouraged priests in the diocese to follow the Order of the Mass without making any alterations, saying any changes to the Order are made and approved by the Holy Father in Vatican, Rome.

In his remarks, Fr. Girevulo thanked God for allowing him celebrate 25 years of priesthood, noting that God was merciful all the time.

He explained that his priestly life started on October 20, 1980 at Nankhunda Minor Seminary and he then thanked his parents for allowing him take up the vocation, and the teachers, formatters and the faithful for their support in his entire life as a priest.

Girevulo who is also Mangochi chairperson for the Association of Diocesan Clergy in Malawi advised the newly ordained priests to put God above everything else so as to have their work guided by church values and morals.

“Much as we are grateful for all the material gifts given to us, we would like to request that you should continue to pray for us so that the Holy Spirit protects and guides us to serve the church with dedication,” Girevulo added.

Mangochi Diocese Laity Council Chairperson, Steven Lingamawa said the church was blessed to have two additional priests to the list of the clergy in the Diocese amidst growing numbers of Christians.

“We are very privileged today to have two priests in the Diocese. We know that the pressure that was on the priests will now ease off,” Lingamawa said, assuring the faithful would do everything possible to provide for the priests to make their lives comfortable.


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