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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 08:28

Chimbalame CCAP launches Church Bus

Written by  Esnath Kalawe
The church bus .. Pic Esnath Kalawe The church bus .. Pic Esnath Kalawe

Lilongwe, March 12, 2019; Chimbalame CCAP of Nkhoma Synod in Lilongwe, for the first time in its history it has bought a church bus which was launched during special prayers on ‘Bus yanga’ launching ceremony, gratifying a vision established in 2016.

A huge crowd of people from Mtandire location in Lilongwe, regardless of their denomination flocked to Chimbalame CCAP to witness the arrival and the launch of the Church bus which arrived on at the Church on Sunday.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, Rev. Fletcher Makala expressed happiness on behalf of the church members for making their dreams come true saying the bus would help in operations of church activities.

‘It is very important for a church to have it’s our vehicle, we have been hiring vehicle to be used for evangelism which was very costly, the buying of the bus will help us in reduction of expenses as the church will be conducting reach out activities spreading the word of God,” he said.

Makala assured the congregation that the bus would be strictly used for church activities saying there is a special committee which was set aside to help the maneuver of the bus so that it should not be used for malicious intentions.

“I am very sure the bus will be used for expected ways, if there will be any misuse the church bus committee shall be called for questioning, all because we want to make sure that it should be used in right and expected ways.” he assured

Makala disclosed that bus was bought through various church contributions like paper Sundays, contributions from well wishers and different church fundraisings among other contributions.

He said the vision started in 2016 during women’s guild annual conference after selling a church cloth.

One of the main contributors towards the buying of the bus, Managing Director of MM Motors, Andrew Moya congratulated the church for fulfilling its dream to purchase the vehicle.

He advised the church to make proper use of it for the benefit of the church.

“Actually, myself being in the motor Industry and as a CCAP member I was approached and I thought it wise to help the church to work on the shortfall and to do other things so that it should look like a church bus.

“I thank God that at least he gave me the resources to help Chimbalame CCAP which the congregation is now appreciating,” Moya explained.

Chairperson for the bus committee, Faiton Chimowa said regardless of the challenges they encountered but God has been on their side to reach this far.

“God has been faithful because it reached certain point where we had a shortfall but all in all with the helping hand of God through well wishers we have managed this,” he stated.

Over K 11 million was spent towards the buying of the bus and its 32 seater bus.


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