23 February 2019
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Monday, 11 February 2019 05:58

Catholic women Mchinji deanery cheers the sick

Written by  Aaron Banda

Mchinji, February 11, 2019: As a demonstration of charity, Catholic Women Organization (CWO)-Mchinji Deanery on Sunday donated assorted items to Mchinji District Hospital in the paediatric, maternity, female and male wards.

Speaking during the donation, CWO Mchinji Deanery Vice Chairperson, Salome Kankhande of Mkanda Parish said they decided to help the needy patients after realising that most of them face challenges because they do not get help from their relatives.

She, however, advised other well wishers to support the patients as the hospital is currently serving thousands of people but there was a gap to be filled.

“We have donated assorted items at the hospital like soap, sugar and cooking flour to all wards,” she said.

Receiving the donation on behalf of Mchinji District Health Officer, Senior Nursing Officer who is also the Hospital Matron, Tinamwabe Msiska, commended the Catholic grouping for the donation, saying it was a relief because most of the patients at the hospital faced different challenges and lacked such support.

She then asked other well wishers to follow the example demonstrated by the women.

“You know the hospital serves so many communities across the district, so the donation, like food, will help the patients’ nutritional status,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries from the female ward, Judith Jeremu, of Mthawire Village in the district commended the Catholic women for the donation, saying it was timely and would ease some of the challenges.

Before the donation, the organization started with the prayers for the sick.

Mchinji Deanery has over five parishes of Guilleme, Kachebere, Kapiri, Ludzi and Mkanda.


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