23 April 2019
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Wednesday, 30 January 2019 09:44

New Apostolic Church feeds the elderly in BT

Written by  Tionge Kasolota
Elder Ching'amba posing with the sister's fellowship and some of the beneficiaries. Elder Ching'amba posing with the sister's fellowship and some of the beneficiaries. Pic Courtesy of NAC

Mangochi, January 30, 2019.  New Apostolic Church (NAC) Sisters Fellowship on Sunday fed and donated items valued at K500, 000 to 40 senior citizens in Machinjiri- Blantyre, as one way of reaching out to people in need.

District Elder, Nelson Ching’amba who is also the leader of NAC at Machinjiri Area 2 Central Church commended the Sisters Fellowship for the gesture, saying the elderly need a lot of support. 

“It is very important to help people in need as we learn from the scriptures that Jesus Christ is the father of love,” said Ching’amba, adding: “These are elderly people who cannot help themselves as such it is our duty as Christians to reach out to them.”

Ching’amba, therefore, urged the faithful to express love by giving and not just by merely talking about it.

Chairperson of NAC Sisters Fellowship, Sister Sikiya Msuku disclosed that the money used to feed the elderly and buy the donations was raised by members of the Fellowship.

Msuku said the gesture was just the beginning of more good things to come, adding that they would like to reach out to all less privileged groups such as people with various forms of disabilities and orphans. 

One of the beneficiaries, Alepha Majoni hailed the Sisters Fellowship for the gesture, saying the assistance would go a long way in supporting her and her grand children.

“The donation is very timely because I was very much in need of blankets and good clothes to keep ourselves warm,” Majoni said.

During the occasion, the elderly had a luncheon and each one of them went home with blankets, clothes, school uniforms and shoes for their grand children most of whom are orphans.  


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