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Friday, 30 November 2018 06:13

Brother’s keeper says character building crucial for street kids’ re-integration

Written by  Charles Mphwere

BLANTYRE, November 30, 2018: Brother’s keeper, a faith-based organization has called on the government and other NGOs to focus on character building of street kids if the reintegration process with their families is to be successful.

Leader of Brother’s Keeper, Asante Masanga made the call in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Wednesday ahead of a fundraising dinner at Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel on December 2, aimed at soliciting funds for its street kids Impact House in Mbayani.

“Morally street kids don’t have character because they don’t have a capacity to learn about a good character. We are coming in to help in character development,

“We have identified a house in Mbayani, which we call an Impact House where these kids instead of coming to town, can come and get whatever they need. We are providing them with primary school education, teaching them skills like tailoring and bricklaying,” he said.

Masanga said apart from the social economic skills being learnt, the kids are also taught discipleship as part of character building.

“We are teaching them all these for a period of six months and then they are re-integrated into the society,” he added.

He pointed out that lack of mentorship among street kids has resulted in most of them being aggressive as they focus on survival.

“They lack mentorship and at the same time have to survive. They work for other big boys who demand aggressiveness and violence from them to be accepted,” he said.

Masanga further said he appreciates the efforts which the government and other NGOs are doing in improving the lives of street kids but said more needed to be done if the country is to successfully re-integrate them.

“The idea has been to integrate them and government has been trying to do that and once they send them back to their villages, they come back within some days because they cannot cope with that life in the village,” he said, adding that re- integration is a process that involves speaking to the mind.

Government in 2017/18 national budget planned a massive re-integration campaign aimed at removing all street kids from the street and to take tougher action on parents and guardians who let their kids roam free in streets.

Brother’s Keeper is a branch of Disciple Ministries which was introduced to look into the welfare of street kids. And the fundraising dinner will attract K25,000, 00 per head.


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