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Catholic women urged to remain committed to God

Written by  Hendriner Kagwira
Advised to remain committed to God: Catholic Women Advised to remain committed to God: Catholic Women

Thyolo, October 20, 2018: Catholic Women in Thyolo Friday were urged to remain committed to God in a bid to contribute to the growth of the church and the country.

The call was made during Chikwawa Diocese’s 2018 Catholic Women Organization (CWO) annual conference held at St. Simeon, Njale Parish in Thyolo.

Speaking during the opening Mass of the three days conference which is being held under the theme: ‘Living a better Catholic woman’s life,’ Vicar General for Chikwawa Diocese, Fr. Cosmas Chasukwa urged women to live a life which reflected the glory of God.

“God glorified Mother Mary by making her the mother of our saviour, Jesus Christ and that is why women must live to glorify God. We expect that after this conference they will be good Catholic women because they will also discuss various issues that affect them both physically and spiritually,” he said.

Monsignor Chasukwa acknowledged the role of women in the church, which, he said, revolves around developing the church.

He urged men to embrace the newly introduced Catholic Men Organization (CMO) to complement their women counterparts.

CWO Chairperson for Chikwawa Diocese, Joyce Gobede said the meeting would not only strengthen their spiritual life but also help in building their moral standing in society.

“A woman makes any place a home and that applies to the church. This is why we gather to pray and also discuss on how best we can contribute to the development of the church and the nation at large,” she said.

Gobede thanked all the women who came for the conference and urged them to have a heart like that of Blessed Virgin Mary in everything that they would be doing.

Chikwawa Diocese Pastoral Secretary, Fr. Shadreck Malata said the CWO has since proved to be the strongest organization that has greatly contributed to the Catholic Church.

He encouraged the women to fully participate in the organization’s activities.


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