23 April 2019
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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 05:44

AFORD President advocates for total decentralization of power to councils

Written by  Leonard Masauli
Wants full decentralization of Councils: Frank Mwenefumbo Wants full decentralization of Councils: Frank Mwenefumbo

Karonga, July 9, 2018: Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) President, Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has called on government to fully decentralize power to councils as a lasting solution to mismanagement of public funds.

Mwenefumbo told journalists Saturday at Mikoma Lodge that the delay by government to fully decentralize its powers to local authorities is one of the factors fueling mismanagement of development funds as councilors are partially involved in running the affairs of the councils.

He said as AFORD Party President, he will continue to advocate for and make sure that decentralization is fully implemented to ensure that councilors take full control of councils to curb mismanagement of resources.

“We are still using partial decentralization process and that is why we hear so many stories of financial mismanagement in councils because councilors are being looked down upon as uneducated people.

“As AFORD, we are calling upon government to consider implementing total decentralization of its powers to councils where councilors shall be responsible for providing checks and balances to ensure that resources meant for development are used prudently.

Mwenefumbo said with full decentralization, councilors shall have the power to recruit their own district commissioners whom they feel will help them facilitate the desired development.

Recently, Karonga District Council Chairperson who is also councilor for Rukulu Ward, Harry Mwanyembe lamented that councilors were not fully involved in some developmental transactions at the council hence they do not have the opportunity to be providing the much needed checks and balances in managing the council’s resources.


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