21 September 2018
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Monday, 05 March 2018 23:52

Blantyre DC bans use of Govt vehicles after working hours and on weekends

Written by  Solister Mogha
Vehicles are abused: Nkasala - Pic by Solister Mogha Vehicles are abused: Nkasala - Pic by Solister Mogha

Blantyre, March 5, 2018: District Commissioner (DC) for Blantyre, Bennett Nkasala on Thursday issued a ban on use of government vehicles by officers and drivers after working hours and during weekends.

The DC has since warned to deal with anyone who will not comply with the directive.

In an internal memo addressed to all directors and heads of department at Blantyre District Council, Nkasala expressed concern over how some officers and drivers were abusing government vehicles for personal gains.

“I have personally noted with grave concern that office vehicles are getting abused after working hours and weekends too when they are use on personal matters by some officers and drivers without prior authorization from immediate controlling officers,” Nkasala lamented.

“It is, therefore, in this regard that I direct that with immediate effect, all government vehicles should be parked within the office complex. All keys should be surrendered to the transport officer and anyone who chooses to act to the contrary shall be dealt with accordingly,” reads the memo in part.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Nkasala acknowledged that some officers and drivers were using vehicles to carry bricks for their various construction projects, carry firewood and crop produce during harvesting,” he added.

The conduct, he said according to the Malawi Public Service Regulations, was not allowed.

“The other reason for the ban is that we have had challenges in maintaining and servicing our fleet because it was not properly managed. In addition, fuel mismanagement has also been an issue and we would like to put a stop to all that,” the DC emphasized.

Nkasala said: “I will not hesitate to suspend the driver or any officer who will not take this directive seriously.”

He has since advised officers and drivers that anyone requiring transport after working hours and weekends should notify him for prior authority.


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