18 March 2018
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Chikwawa rampant land encroachment worrisome - DC

Written by  Steve Chirombo
Movete: This is a mess we need to address - Pic by Steve Chirombo Movete: This is a mess we need to address - Pic by Steve Chirombo

CHIKWAWA, March 3, 2018: Heavy encroachment of public and private land has rocked Chikwawa District as reports indicate that land belonging to Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) and Shire valley ADD has been encroached.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, District Commissioner for Chikwawa, Fred Movete blamed village heads for having a habit of selling public land for people to construct their houses.

Movete said recently his office has received reports of people encroaching land that was earmarked to construct a new district hospital and a bus depot at Thabwa Trading Centre.

“This is a very serious issue. This is a mess we need to address,” said DC Movete adding that there is no idle land within Chikwawa which could be used to implement government construction projects.

The District Commissioner’s sentiments come when MHC has written the council to allocate them 75 hectares of land to build affordable houses of all classes.

According to the letter dated 20 February, 2018 signed by Regional Manager for the South, Peter Chitosi, some of the encroachers are government departments including Ministry of Health and the district council which constructed their houses and a hall within MHC land as per the survey drawing number 5221.

“MHC was allocated land at Nchalo which has heavily been encroached by several developers who have put up permanent structures like houses.

“In addition, some land at the district headquarters has also been encroached. For example, Ministry of Health has built some houses on the MHC land,” stated the letter.

The letter further indicated that some land was sold to the public by council officials.

Recently, a full council meeting also expressed concern at the increasing incidents of encroachment of public land and asked for strong measures to stop such malpractice.


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