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Thursday, 08 February 2018 18:51

Kasungu youth urged to be independent

Written by  Yankho Phiri
Youths like these advised to strive to be self reliant - File Photo Youths like these advised to strive to be self reliant - File Photo

Kasungu, February 8, 2018: The youth in Traditional Authority Njombwa in Kasungu have been urged to always strive for independence.

Traditional Authority  Njombwa made the remarks after observing that some young people still go by what people say that they are tomorrow's leaders and not today's.

The chief advised them to stop relying on their parents and start different businesses.

"That was then when they used to say youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but now things have changed because you are the leaders of the moment.

“So a good leader has to be independent by doing different activities that contribute to the economy like businesses," he said.

Nevertheless, most young people often cite lack of capital as a major setback for them to start different businesses but have been advised to consider being in co-operatives.

Kasungu District Assistant Trade Liaison Officer, Doreen Phiri, observed that such co-operatives assist in finding markets easily and the commodities are sold at a higher price than what an individual could sell.

"Customers usually look to buy commodities in large quantities so it is easy for the group to sell at once and at a higher price," she said.

Commenting on the issue, Kasungu District Youth Officer, James Mathiya said most youth like to engage in useless things like drinking and sexual malpractices because of lack of guidance.

"If young people make themselves busy with their own businesses and join co-operatives there can be development in the district,” said Mathiya.

Due to high levels of unemployment in Malawi, most youth prefer migrating to other countries like South Africa in search of jobs instead of creating their own businesses.


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