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Saturday, 13 January 2018 10:11

Chimombo ‘Royal’ family members to fight reinstated chief despite high court judgment

Written by  Martin Chiwanda

NSANJE, January 13, 2017: Some people claiming to be members of the Chimombo royal family and some Group Village Heads in Nsanje have vowed to fight against the reinstatement of the suspended Traditional Authority Chimombo, real name Stanford Tukula.  

The development comes after the High Court on November 22, 2017 ruled that the suspended Chief Chimombo be reinstated.

Jenipher Chimombo who claims to be a royal family member in an interview Friday said they were not consulted before the High Court came up with the ruling.

Chimombo clearly said they will not allow the reinstated chief to lead them and they strongly go against the high court directive.

“As royal family members, we cannot allow Stanford Tukula to lead us. Just imagine that he has been calling us useless people and has no regard for his subjects. We registered our concern that Tukula was grabbing our agricultural land among other issues. Surprisingly the court ruled that he is innocent.  We cannot respect the judgment,” said Jenipher Chimombo.  

Group Village Head Simoko echoed Jenipher’s sentiments saying they will not bow down to the directive and vowed to continue fighting against the reinstatement of Stanford Tukula, as he branded him bad leader.

“We cannot tolerate that. Tukula cannot lead us anymore as our position is very clear. We want a leader who can respect his people but also development conscious,” said Group Village Head Simoko.   

It has been put on record that Harrison Chimombo who has been acting on the position for over five years has also faulted the High Court judgment.

Harrison Chimombo said the Head of State is the one person who has authority to suspend and reinstate a Traditional leader.

Ministry of Local Government Spokesperson, Muhlabase Mughogho however, said government would respect the decision of the High Court on the matter.

Mughogho said the Ministry is carrying out some internal processes before Tukula is reinstated.
The High Court judgment which was signed by the Court’s Registrar, Attorney General and Tukula’s lawyer, Chidothe Chidothe and company, ruled that government’s decision to relieve him of his duties was based on mere allegations that were not proven.


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