21 September 2018
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 08:25

Dowa PAC chair hits at Mponela Urban Structure Plan

Written by  Brino Kayanga Mwale


Dowa, December 19, 2017: The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Chairperson for Dowa District, Reverend Father Elias Chizule, has asked the Dowa District Council to come in the open and admit that it has failed to act on its land at Mponela trading centre in the district because of political interferences.

Reverend Father Chizule fears that if the trend continues to be what it is today, then, the council would be in trouble with the Urban Structure Plan which is not fully implemented.

Father Chizule wondered why the council has taken long for the matter to be resolved amicably and instead wants to have a committee to oversee the Urban Structure Plan development at Mponela. 

Father Chizule was commenting on the detailed layout plan for Mponela which is in a draft map prepared by the Department of Physical Planning for the district executive council committee members to have their inputs.

At the recent full council meeting held at the boma,  Dowa Members of Parliament (MPs) and councilors took their time in criticizing the secretariat for failing to implement a resolution which was passed to demolish some structures that were built illegally at Mponela trading centre meant for a bus depot.

The MPs and councilors accused the secretariat of being better at planning than implementing the activity just the same as it has done with the Nambuma trading centre,  Dowa boma and Lumbadzi in the district where similar resolutions were passed but to no avail.

Acting Director of Planning and Development (DPD) for the district, Martin Pindamkono, said the council is doing everything possible to implement the Mponela Urban Structure Plan in the district.

Pindamkono admitted the element of political interference at Mponela saying: “After the council made a resolution to demolish some structures; party flags were seen raised high up by the vendors in support of their parties which clearly demonstrated that politics was at its best.”

He said the buildings which are along the M1 Lilongwe - Kasungu road at Mponela trading centre are within 30 meters from the road reserve boundaries which the council has no option but to demolish them completely.

“The council will engage the National Roads Authority (NRA) on how best to implement the Urban Structure Plan because rushing into demolition exercise will put the council into lawsuits,” said Pindamkono.

The Mponela Urban Structure Plan was one of the priority projects alongside Dowa boma, borehole drillings, rehabilitation of boma rest house to a lodge and Dowa mini stadium brick wall fence construction.


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