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Thursday, 14 December 2017 07:44

Chief Secretary Lloyd Muhara never intended to refurbish own office for K64 million; It is pure smear campaign

Written by  Mana Reporter
Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara - File Photo Chief Secretary to Government Lloyd Muhara - File Photo

Lilongwe, 14 November 2017: Chief Secretary to Government, Lloyd Muhara, never at any time contemplated on refurbishing his own office to the tune of K64 million rather the quote was for the whole Office of President and Cabinet office complex.

Media reports misrepresented the contract between government and EQWIP Interior Works saying the K64 million was only for furniture in Muhara’s office. However, a statement from Ministry of Information and Communications Technology signed by Government Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi, indicates that the workload included replacing old carpets, ceiling boards, painting the walls and installing CCTV cameras for security of equipment and replacement of worn-out desks and chairs.
"A decision was made to refurbish the Office of the President and Cabine complex building by replacing old carpets, ceiling boards, painting the walls and installing CCTV cameras for security of Government resources including equipment, and replacing the worn-out desks and chairs," reads part of the statement. 
The ministry has said it was necessary for the whole OPC complex to be refurbished as the last time this happened was in 1975.
Funding for the refurbishment exercise is said to have been sourced from Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.
Following a public outcry on the figures that were in the first place misrepresented by the media, government has put the whole contract on hold so as to look into all aspects and prove the doubting Thomasses wrong about government’s commitment to financial prudence.
Muhara has justifiably remained silent through the whole hullabaloo knowing fully well that those who crucified him from a point of ignorance should first be given all facts.
There are rumours that Muhara is a victim of infighting within government system and those who don’t like him are so determined to bring him down using fabricated stories and mercenary tactics.
Muhara was hired last year to see implementation of Public Sector Reforms within civil service and has since played a huge role in pushing government’s new agenda into fruition.


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