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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:03

Mangochi MAM against electoral reforms bills demonstrations

Written by  Marvelous Zinga
CIVIC EDUCATION FIRST: NICE Nsanje using Gule Wankulu to civic educate people on registration - File Photo CIVIC EDUCATION FIRST: NICE Nsanje using Gule Wankulu to civic educate people on registration - File Photo

Mangochi, December 11, 2017: Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) in Mangochi has said it would not take part in the December 13 demonstrations aimed at pushing parliament to table the electoral reforms bills.

MAM declared their stand on Friday at a press briefing held at Holiday Motel in Mangochi, saying the nationwide demonstrations organized by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) were not necessary as Malawians were yet to understand what the 50+1 electoral reforms were all about.

Secretary of Mangochi Majilis Ulama Council, Sheikh Maleat Twaha Mubarak said the Muslim community believed in peaceful discussion as such they could only support issues that Malawians were conversant with.

“It is a pity that if you ask most Malawians, especially those who stay in rural areas, most of them will not tell you what is contained in the Bill and what it is all about – and these are the people who take part in voting,” he said.

Mubarak added that, “Before organizing the demonstrations on the electoral reforms, PAC should have first prioritized sensitization of the public on what the 50+1 is all about.”

He advised PAC to always remember its role in the country’s democracy before pushing things, adding that the Committee should have consulted widely before mobilizing Malawians for the demonstrations.

MAM Vice Chairperson in Mangochi, Sheikh Fahid Kamsuli suggested that PAC should engage NICE Public Trust to create awareness about the electoral reforms bills to the general public so that Malawians understand the issues surrounding the reforms.

“We are not against PAC; we just want things to be done in an orderly manner and that the Committee should always stick to its obligation,” he said.

Kamsuli viewed that, “We will take part in any peaceful discussions to ensure that all Malawians are aware of issues contained in the electoral reforms bills.”


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