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Monday, 11 December 2017 05:50

Blantyre District Council receives its National IDs

Written by  Solister Mogha
Some of the cartons containing the IDs offloaded from the truck - Pic by solister Mogha Some of the cartons containing the IDs offloaded from the truck - Pic by solister Mogha

Blantyre, December 11, 2017: National Identity Cards (IDs) for Blantyre District Council which conducted the registration in the third phase arrived on Saturday.

Blantyre District Assistant Registrar, George Chitsonga while confirming the development said out of 765,000 people who registered in the district about 712,000 will receive their IDs.

He assured that the remaining IDs close to 64,000 would come in subsequent batches, saying, “Yes I can confirm that the IDs have arrived today Saturday, December 9, 2017 and that distribution will commence soon after we have completed the sorting process.”

Chitsonga pointed out that the arrival of the IDs did not imply that everyone who registered would receive the identity cards because more than 64,000 cards would come sometime later since it took time to scrutinize such registrants.

“But those who will not collect their IDs because they were not printed should not worry because all the national identity cards will be printed eventually,” Assistant Registrar assured.

He pointed out that the IDs would be sent to all the registration centres and every individual would have the opportunity to collect the cards within a period of 21 days.

“These cards will be dispatched to all centres where people registered and Head teachers in all the schools which were used as registration centres have been tasked to ensure that every bonafide citizen who registered receives his or her ID,” Chitsonga emphasized.

He said after the elapse of 21 days council authorities would go back to the centres to collect all the cards whose owners would have failed to claim them.

“For those people who will fail to get their IDs within the allocated 21 days shall collect them from the DCs office,” the assistant registrar said.

Chitsonga explained that to avoid chaos and ensure a smooth distribution process, office of the DC would produce a list of people whose identity cards have been printed, assuring residents of Blantyre of tight security until the distribution exercise was completed.

“We are very optimistic that we will not have major problems. However, to avoid anything from delaying the process, security will be a priority especially in potential crime areas,” he assured.

Blantyre was among seven districts of Nsanje, Thyolo, Mulanje, Mwanza, Neno and Chiradzulu which carried out the registration in the third phase of the exercise.

At least 2.2 million people registered during the third phase in the seven districts.


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