22 February 2018
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Monday, 04 December 2017 15:31

Nkhata Bay District Council has new chairperson

Written by  Aliko Munde

Nkhata Bay, December 04, 2017: Nkhata Bay District Council on Friday elected new office bearers and Usisya Ward Councillor, Hency Chigowo won the chairperson seat after defeating three other councillors.

The elections which were presided over by Nkhata Bay’s Malawi Electoral Commission staff and the district Magistrate Maston Phiri saw Councillor Chigowo win the seat with seven votes against three votes for the outgoing chairperson, Beauty Banda, councillor for Sanga ward.

Chintheche Ward Councillor, Esnart Nyambalo Banda got three votes and Tchesamu Ward Councillor Rassell Chimoto had two votes. 

The position of vice chairperson went to Tukombo Ward Councillor Kingston Makwenda Phiri who got 10 votes against Chimoto’s five votes.

“Let me thank council members for trusting me to be your Chairperson. I don't take it for granted that I'm the chairperson. I owe it to you my fellow council members,” Chigowo said.

Chigowo then asked council members and the Secretariat to work as a team to develop the district.

“To develop our district, we need to work as a team and leave behind our differences and political affiliations,” Chigowo said.

Outgoing chairperson, Beauty Banda thanked council members and the Secretariat for supporting her in her term of office.


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