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Monday, 04 December 2017 15:08

Boundary conflicts, cross border crimes top Malawi-Mozambique security meeting

Written by  Kondwani Magombo
Simwaka: Meeting to find resolutions to cross border crimes and boundary conflicts - Pic by Kondwani Magombo Simwaka: Meeting to find resolutions to cross border crimes and boundary conflicts - Pic by Kondwani Magombo

Mangochi, December 4, 2017: Boundary conflicts and cross border crimes are among key issues on the agenda of the 11th Malawi/Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security (JPCDS) that opened Sunday, 3rd December, 2017 in Mangochi.  

Principal Secretary for Ministry of Defence in Malawi, Chauncy Simwaka, said this at the launch of the JPCDS meeting where various corresponding sectors from the two sides were to engage, discuss and make resolutions on issues affecting their sectors.

“We share common challenges in the defence and security areas. We are grappling with the irregular migration of immigrants, mostly from the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region who mostly use our countries as a transit to other destinations,” said Simwaka.

“On regular basis, our countries also deal with cross border crimes such as smuggling of goods and human trafficking,” he added.

The PS said the issues would be tabled and the resolutions made would be part of the report to be presented to the two countries’ ministers during their meeting on Tuesday, December 5.

Simwaka said the officials’ session would also tackle boundary conflicts in Makanjira which followed the World Bank funded exercise aimed at retracing the boundaries between Malawi and Mozambique.

He said owing to the cordial relations the two countries have had, it was evident that a resolution would be found on the boundary conflicts.

“We have invited District Commissioners from all the border districts from both sides, survey departments from the two countries and all other concerned sectors to table the issue and make resolutions,” explained Simwaka.

Other sectors participating in the officials’ session included Police, Immigration, Prison, Agriculture, Veterinary, and Parks and Wildlife.

Director of Parks and Wildlife in Malawi, Bright Kumchedwa, hailed the session, saying it would also help find solutions to wildlife crimes that are rocking the two countries.

“This is a very important session because we have Lengwe Nation Park and Mwabvi Game Reserve on the other side; Elephant Marsh and Namizimu Forest in Mangochi where we have elephants migrating to and from Mozambique,” explained Kumchedwa.

“We have also lately seen a rise in seizure of pangolin skins being smuggled to Malawi from Mozambique and we will bang heads on such challenges and make resolutions,” he added.

The meeting, which is scheduled to end on Wednesday, December 5, would also review the implementation of resolutions and recommendations made during the 10th Session of a similar activity between the two sides.


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