19 August 2018
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UN praises President Mutharika for intensifying GBV fight

Written by  Ed-Grant Ndoza
ANYANGWE: There is hope for the future of Malawi - Pic from Twitter (@anyangwe4) ANYANGWE: There is hope for the future of Malawi - Pic from Twitter (@anyangwe4)

Mzimba, November 26, 2017:  United Nations (UN) Saturday praised President Peter Mutharika for taking bold steps towards fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Speaking during launch of 16 days of activism against GBV held at Mzimba Community centre ground, UN representative in Malawi, Clara Anyangwe commended Mutharika, for championing He4She initiative in the country.

She explained that his determination to promote gender equality, by among other things, ensuring that violence perpetrated on women and girls is eliminated.

UN representative said, “As UN family, we acknowledge and appreciate efforts made by government to eliminate GBV and 16 days of GBV activism is aimed at bringing awareness to communities.”

Anyangwe cited the formulation of GVB national action plan which intend to provide strong frame work for sustainable and coordinated intervention against the vice.

The UN representative said much as there is progress there is need to do more to curb the malpractice.

“In 2017 a lone, the pictures has not been too bright. Violence has been perpetrated on people with Albinism and women with disabilities there are reports of cases of gender inequality and discrimination against women,” she added. 

Anyangwe said there was need to invest more in awareness raising campaign on the need for communities to refine or absolutely scrap off harmful cultural practices which precipitate violence.

“We must invest more in the education of girls and boys so that they understand their rights, realize their full potential and to have equal access to opportunities,” she said.

Anyangwe pledged continued support to government’s agenda to prevent and effectively respond to GBV.

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Dr. Jean Kalilani said government would use all available resources to fight GBV at all levels.

She warned that GBV is a crime and punishable by the Law.

Kalilani asked the court and the police and other security structures to be aggressive in handling GBV suspects by handing down stern penalties to those accused of the crime.

She urged members of the community to report all incidences of GBV to authorities for prompt action.

The Minister encouraged men to report violence being perpetrated to them by women.

 Kalilani pointed out that, “Everyone, including men, in one way or the other, can become victim of GBV. So I urge men to report when they face violence from women.”

Chairperson for NGO –Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN), Emma Kaliya saluted government for lining up strategic programmes and enactment of crucial legislations designed to promote women equality and equity and to curb GBV.

She cited The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, Child Care and Protection Act, Gender Equity Act and Marriage Divorce and Family Relations Act as crucial pieces of legislations which guards against gender based violence and other forms of inequalities and discrimination.

Inkosi Kampingo Sibande pledged to mobilize his subjects to support government programmes that aim at eliminating gender based violence.

The Theme for the 16 days activism against GBV is: Leave no one behind: End Violence Against Women and Girls.


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