25 February 2018
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 13:07

Govt censures Chakwera on tone against President

Written by  Brian Itai
Government Chief Whip, Henry Mussa: What is Chakwera's problem?  - File Photo Government Chief Whip, Henry Mussa: What is Chakwera's problem? - File Photo

Lilongwe, November 13, 2017: Government has expressed displeasure at the tone used by Leader of Opposition, Dr Lazarous Chakwera in his address in parliament on Monday when he responded to President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s opening address made on Friday. 

Government Chief Whip, Henry Mussa said he is very disappointed in the manner in which the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President reflected on the Head of State which is in total contravention of the parliamentary standing orders.   

“The speech of the leader of opposition is full of anger, hatred and frustration so much that it has become personal to the Head of State and that is disrespectful. When you go through our standing order 97, it prohibits any member of parliament to reflect on the head of state.

“And he was using words like ‘the President is incompetent’, ‘the President is irresponsible’, ‘he is a thief’ how can you dare reflect on your head of state like that? What is his problem?,” wondered Mussa when he spoke in an interview with Mana.

Mussa said it is apparent that signs of desperation to get into power are slowly but surely creeping in into Chakwera judging by the way he has conducted himself lately and the tone of his speech as well.

“If it is a question of coming to power there shall come a time to hold Presidential, parliamentary and ward councilors elections in 2019 and this is not the time.

“Seriously that is unacceptable and that is why I had to draw the Speaker’s attention to the standing orders that govern deliberations in this honourable house. No one is at liberty to reflect badly on the Head of State,” he said.

Immediately after Chakwera had finished his address, Mussa rose on a point of order to register his concern on the matter and Speaker of the house, Richard Msowoya has reserved his ruling on the matter indicating that he needs to seek advice from his office on how to proceed on the issue.

President Mutharika gave out his address on Friday to mark the official opening of the 1st meeting of the 47th session of parliament whose deliberations officially started on Monday as members of the house started commenting on his address.


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