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93,000 missing IDs in Kasungu cause apprehension

Written by  Yankho Phiri
Sample Malawi ID Sample Malawi ID

Kasungu, November 03, 2017: People of Kasungu have expressed worries over the missing of their National IDs which they expected to receive after the mass national registration exercise that took place in June.

According to Kasungu District Council Authorities, there are 93,893 people whose IDs are missing.

One of the affected individuals, Lufeyo Mwanza said they are disappointed that most IDs are not yet in.

“This is worrisome because we had all the hope that by today, we will get our IDs.   Unfortunately, some of us our IDs are missing and we are now told that we have to wait until December which is not fair,” he said.

Misallocation of the IDs has also been reported as some of the IDs are being found in other centers away from where the owners were registered or were told to collect them.

Commenting on the issue, Kasungu Assistant district registrar, Ndindase Ng’oma said the missing IDs are not yet printed due to technical matters, especially to do with the machines used.

“These IDs which are missing are not yet processed as we had some technical problems, but still we are promising them that by December they will have their IDs provided. They should therefore, still keep their registration forms safe since we have also written down their names for a proper follow up of their IDs,” he said.

The four other districts which were in the first phase of the mass registration like Dowa and Mchinji have also been faced with the same challenge.


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