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Saturday, 04 November 2017 19:57

Nkhotakota Service Charter implementation back on track

Written by  Anjoya Mwanza
Some of the new members being oriented by NICE in Nkhotakota Some of the new members being oriented by NICE in Nkhotakota

Nkhotakota, November 4, 2017: The implementation of Nkhotakota Service Charters which stopped about two years ago, is back on track after National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust started funding the process.

Chairperson for the Charter formulation Sub Committee. Vincent Phiri Friday disclosed the group is ready for implementation phase after orienting both new and old members of the subcommittee.

“We have now come back on board after being on hold for almost two years due to lack of funds.

District Executive Committee (DEC) members approved the documents but the application failed to materialize because Nice stopped funding us,” he said.

Phiri explained they have so far oriented both new and old members of the committee so that they move together during the implementation phase. He said the committee will review the charters for execution.

 “The formulation of charters was funded by Nice with Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) as consultants. We need technical committee to review what we did before going to the field, we are glad Nice has assured us that we are going to do those activities,” The Chairperson added.

District Nice Officer, James Mumba confirmed that they would support the implementation process.

“There was some dormancy for some time in the implementation of the service charter but am glad to tell you that we have started with planning for reorientation of the committee members, it has started on the high note, should resources permit. We should be able to go ahead effectively.

“However let me thank the sectors who are in the process of implementing the charters for actually adopting a new style that we will be using in as far as the process is concerned. It will be a cost effective approach that we have now adapted using sectors involved while the technical committee will be doing the monitoring aspect,” he said.

Nkhotakota formed service charters for Water, Education and Health sectors.


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