15 November 2018
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Concerned Citizens censor Chakwera

Written by  Brian Itai
The Concerned Citizens addressing members of the pres in lilongwe on friday - Pic by Brian Itai The Concerned Citizens addressing members of the pres in lilongwe on friday - Pic by Brian Itai

Lilongwe, November 3, 2017:  A group of Malawian individuals calling themselves Concerned Citizens has registered their disapproval on the tone used by leader of Opposition Dr Lazarous Chakwera during a press briefing on Thursday, describing him as a compulsive fabricator intent on spreading hate and disorder.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe on Friday, the Concerned Citizens said they are worried with the increasing appetite by some politicians to agitate for chaos and uprising against the government.

During the press briefing the Concerned Citizens were represented by its team leader Phillip Kamangira, Fredrick Malata, Gerald Mhone and Kennedy Mwene Munyapala who took turns to condemn strongly the disrespectful manner in which Dr Chakwera addressed the country’s President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

“We are particularly worried with the conduct of Dr Chakwera, a man who calls himself reverend and who would therefore have been expected to be among the first to preach peace and order in this nation.

“In the years that he has been in politics he has proved to be a man who so loves violence and enjoys spreading hate. To him, that is politics but to us that is destruction and we will not allow it,” Kamangira pointed out.

The group faulted Dr Chakwera’s remarks on the lifting of the maize export ban by President Mutharika, saying that they only exposed his lack of understanding on the issue as it was full of self-contradictions and full of factual errors.

“In our findings this ban was meant to consolidate our national reserves so that we have enough stock to take Malawians to the next season. Chakwera does not even seem to understand that maize is not a cash crop but food for Malawians,” he said.

Kamangira pointed out tha the action taken by President Mutharika was demonstrative of the fact he cares for Malawians whom he does not want to see suffer from hunger as was the case in 2003 when the country was hit by hunger after government miscalculated their selling of maize.

The group said in the spirit of national building, Dr Chakwera as opposition leader should be coming forward by offering solutions to the current challenges that the current is facing as opposed to repeating the problems on podiums which is insulting to Malawians.

They said they have noted with dismay that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President is using the energy crisis currently prevailing as a stepping stone to power instead of providing an alternative vision.

“The issue of blackouts needs a sober approach and mature leadership to deal with. We all know that for more than 50 years which include 31 years of MCP rule, Malawi has not made any significant investment in the sector.

“It is only this government which has initiated reforms and is making huge investments in the sector.

Rev Chakwera knows this but he opts to use people’s emotions and suffering to gain political mileage,” he said.

The Concerned Citizens has called upon all Malawians to shun leaders who preach violence and anarchy in this country.


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