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Thursday, 26 October 2017 07:24

Donors and clergy denounce bloodsucking claims

Written by  Wisdom Ngwira

Mzuzu, October 26, 2017: As widespread claims of bloodsuckers continue to haunt southern region districts, some of the country’s donor partners and the clergy have rubbished such claims as mere myths that should not be believed at any cost.

The Germany government, Danish Church Aid (DCA) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), jointly with the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) condemned the killing of some people suspected to be involved in the bloodsucking saga.

Speaking on Wednesday on the side-lines of an information dissemination conference for the Nzatonse Project in Lilongwe, the trio said all Malawians should work together in ensuring that they demystify bloodsucking allegations.

Germany Ambassador to Malawi Jürgen Borsch said since claims of bloodsuckers started making rounds in the country, donor partners’ works have been affected as they could not go to the southern region to implement their programmes.

“For us, there is no doubt that this is just a myth and based on other reasons why people are behaving that way. We need to all work together and say the same message that there are no bloodsuckers,” he said.

Borsch pointed that the allegations of bloodsuckers are hampering development as well as the security of many Malawians.

He asked the clergy and other vigilante groups to unite and strongly condemn the attacks.

Danish Church Aid and Norwegian Church Aid country directors for Malawi concurred with Borsch saying the allegations have the potential to spread nationwide and hence bring fear among people in the country.

“It is imperative for such conferences where there are a lot of stakeholders from different backgrounds to start condemning and telling people the truth that these allegations are just mere fabricated myths.

“There is completely no proof that we are having blood suckers in the country,” Finn Petersen said on behalf of the two Church Aids.

Secretary General for Evangelical Association of Malawi, Reverend Francis Mkandawire said Malawians should first address the root causes of these allegations so that they do not resurface again in future.

He suggested that a commission of enquiry be instituted to established root cause and lasting solution.


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