22 February 2018
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Thursday, 12 October 2017 05:36

NfYD for universal birth registration in Mulanje

Written by  Blackson Mkupatira
National Registration taking place at Njolomole village in Ntcheu - File Photo National Registration taking place at Njolomole village in Ntcheu - File Photo

Mulanje, October 11, 2017: Network for Youth Development (NfYD)− a local non-governmental organization working towards a strong and vibrant youth says Universal Birth Registration (UBR) is key in ending some of the major challenges children are facing in the country.

In a recent interview with Mana, Mulanje NfYD Programs Manager, Chancy Mkandawire said if children are registered and issued birth certificates, government would have proper basis for allocating resources and tackling various abuses including child trafficking, early marriages and child labor.

“Birth certificates are very important as regards child protection and ensuring government is allocating enough resources and social services.

“This will be useful when a child is lost or trafficked elsewhere.  With such a document we can easily track him or trace his parents or where he is from. Even in terms of natural disasters or emergencies, children who are separated in such circumstances would be traced.

“These certificates also help government in resource allocation. They simply refer to the population of children in that area,” he said.

He said that was why NfYD would implement a K12Million Child Protection Project with funding from Plan International Malawi and the government of Sweden to make sure every child in their impact area is enjoying his or her right to have a birth certificate.

Mkandawire then said the project would also focus on effectiveness of child friendly courts, whether they are saving the beneficiary and if children are able to report cases on their own.

Mulanje District Social Welfare and Child Protection Officer, Noel Chambo commended NfYD for the project saying it would curb challenges children face in the district.

“Mulanje being a border district covered with tea plantations, children are constantly abused or denied their rights but with the coming in of the project we hope it will fix some of the challenges,” said Chambo.

The project will target two traditional authorities of Juma and Nkanda in Mulanje.


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