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Monday, 17 July 2017 09:57

Youths plead for involvement in critical policy decision making

Written by  Wisdom Ngwira
Nkhata Bay District Youth chairperson Catherine Mkandawire (left) during a youth meeting recently Nkhata Bay District Youth chairperson Catherine Mkandawire (left) during a youth meeting recently

Nkhata Bay, July 17, 2017: Youths in Nkhata Bay District have asked authorities both in government and Non Governmental Organisations to actively involve them in critical policy decisions that have effect on the country’s future generations.

Speaking in an interview last week, the district’s youth chairperson, Catherine Mkandawire said the youths need not to be sidelined because they are the ones who will be answerable in future.

“I need to stress that we need to be involved in all stages… since we will be the ones to bear consequences of some of these actions by various authorities,” Mkandawire said.

She added: “I will give you an example where government decides to borrow money whether domestically or externally. It is us, the youths, who will bear the burden of repaying such loans; as such we must at all levels be relevant and available to give our input.”

Mkandawire explained that the future generations will demand for an explanation of why some of the current decisions had to be made.

“It is nothing for us without us. If decisions are being made for us, then we have to be involved in those issues and we must actively participate so that we easily and ably understand them. We are demanding for involvement so that we have a clear succession plan,” she said.

The district youth chairperson also gave an example of the rate at which the environment in the country is being destroyed.

“It is very painful when you look at the rate our environment is being destroyed both deliberately and ignorantly. We should all strive to meet our present needs without necessarily compromising the future generation’s needs,” said Mkandawire.

She further said: “I would like to appeal to all stakeholders, government, non-governmental organizations and individual members of the society to take initiatives to conserve the environment for the betterment of both the current and future generations.”

Commenting on Mkandawire’s sentiments,  Nkhata Bay District Council Chairperson, Beauty Banda, said it is time for all stakeholders to work together because they all have one goal which is to make sure that the country develops economically, socially and other spheres.


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