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Friday, 20 June 2014 06:29

Chakwera urges legislators to support Mutharika

Written by  Loness Gwazanga

Lilongwe, June 19, 2014: Leader of Opposition says there is need for Parliamentarians to give the President the much needed support if peoples’ dreams for a better and prosperous Malawi are to become a reality.

He made the urge Thursday when he responded to the ‘state of the nation address’ of the 45th session of parliament and the July-October 2014 provisional budget meeting which was delivered by President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Tuesday.

He then described discernment, humility and courage from both the Executive and Legislature as the tools that can help Malawi move forward.

“Discerning what kind of help the Executive needs from the Legislature in order to give Malawians the best possible service is no easy task, nor is it possible for the Executive to receive that help without having the humility to welcome or ask for it, along with the courage to use the best ideas our country has for its own development,” said Chakwera.

He however said it was the parliamentarians’ duty to help the president and its administration by deterring the Executive from any proposed policies that are not in the best interest of Malawians.

On economy, the opposition leader said the president was right in his assessment that poverty, under-development, economic and social injustice were still prevalent in the society.  He then said the president’s address showed that his administration was aware of the greatest challenges that his leadership faces and its commitment to put the country on the path of economic growth and transformation.

In his response, People’s Party (PP) spokesperson Ralph Jooma concurred with Chakwera but added that the president should make sure that there is no tribalism and regionalism in implementation of various developmental activities; he added that Government tenders should be given to contractors on merit.

He further said that it was his wish that government ensures public safety by creating more job opportunities so that the youths who mostly engage in crime activities find something better to do.

United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi said it was his hope that social and economic institutions will be strengthened and that the much awaited Access to Information Bill will finally be brought to the House.

The president in his state of the nation address said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led Government was determined to put in place systems and structures that will promote good governance and transform the economy.

He said Government will, therefore, ensure that dreams and aspirations are always translated into implementable and effective policies.

“We will continue from where we left in 2012 to fight poverty, under-development and economic and social injustices that are still prevalent in our society,” said Mutharika.


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