19 August 2018
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Opposition political parties to push for youth agenda in 2014

By Ida Kazembe

 Blantyre , August 22: In response to the call made by the Youth Consultative Forum (YCF) on the government, political parties, development partners and other stakeholders to incorporate youth friendly policies ahead of 2014 tripartite elections, People’s  Progressive Movement (PPM) and  People’s Transformation Party (PETRA) have assured the youth in the country that their manifestos uphold the youth’s needs.

PPM’s spokesperson, Redson Munlo told the Malawi News Agency (Mana) that, as a party, they regard the youth as development partners and realise the need to empower them as a way of ensuring success in the country’s future.

“Our party partners seriously with the youth in its programmes and that is why we have the youth forum instead of what other parties have in the name of cadets and democrats titles that, in turn, demonise the youth and lead them to act as weapons for the parties instead of being development partners,” explained Munlo.

He added: “Come 2014, PPM is focusing on transforming the education structure which appears to have a lot of loopholes and lacks motivation for both learners and teachers.”

For PETRA, the party’s leader, Kamuzu Chibambo started by claiming ownership of the current YEDEF loan projects, saying he was hijacked by the Democratic Progressed Party (DPP) led government from their 2009 manifesto.

“It’s sad to note that up to now, Malawian youths fail to compete effectively in any sports activity due to lack of structures that can develop sporting skills among the youth of this country.

“We have plans to come up with functional sports academy in the country that will aid the youth with a skill development centre so that we can compete effectively on the international scene,” said Chibambo.

The youth organisation umbrella body, YCF, has launched the “ Voice Your Future: Malawi You Want campaign which aims at soliciting information from all Malawian youths on what they expect policies to have that will benefit the Malawian youth.

The body is eyeing the 2014 tripartite elections as well as the post 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) review which, according to them, would need the youth to actively participate in decision making.

YCF national coordinator, Edward Chileka Banda said their observation was that the current MDGs have not delivered for Malawian youth, saying it is high time the formulation of the next set of MDGs had the youth’s needs in mind.

“We are concerned on how the youth of Malawi are participating and regarded in democracy and governance, health and population, environmental management and climate change, education and skill development as well as social inclusion,” explained Banda.

The Youth Consultative Forum has the ‘Voice Your Future: Malawi You Want’ campaign running until the end of September and the solicited information will form a charter which the organisation would intend to submit to all political parties, development partners and other stakeholders so that the ideas are merged in the organisations’ policies.


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