22 March 2019
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Monday, 24 December 2018 11:28

Goodall Gondwe urges people of Luviri in Mzimba to continue rallying behind DPP

Written by  Blessings Kaunda
Goodall Gondwe urges people of Luviri in Mzimba to continue rallying behind DPP File photo

Mzimba, December 24, 2018. Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe, has urged people of Luviri in Mzimba to continue rallying behind Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and vote for the same during the next year’s tripartite elections.

Speaking Saturday when he addressed a political rally, Gondwe said government was committed to ensure that all communities across the country have access to social amenities for better living, hence the need for people to continue supporting the DPP-led government.

Gondwe, who is also DPP Vice President for the northern region, said government was doing everything to ensure provision of improved health facilities and services, road networks, school facilities, electricity and potable water.

He reminded people in the area of the projects government is implementing in the district and country as a whole to make sure that people have easy access to social services.

“You must, therefore, vote wisely during the next tripartite elections to avoid regretting. Elections come after every 5 years and if your get carried away by opposition political parties, it will be too late for you to correct things,” said Gondwe.

In his remarks, Group Village Head, Zawa Gumbo asked government to consider bringing electricity in the area, constructing classroom blocks and supplying desks at Luviri Primary School and those (schools) surrounding the area.



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