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Friday, 07 December 2018 07:23

Nkhatabay South aspiring MP urges people with disability to participate in the coming elections

Written by  Luzily Chiponde
People with disabilities have a role to play in development: Banda People with disabilities have a role to play in development: Banda pic by Luzily Chiponde

Nkhatabay, December 07, 2018: Independent aspiring Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkhata-Bay South, Councilor for Sanga Ward, Beauty Banda, has urged people with disabilities to take part in the coming election.

She said this at a gathering organized in Traditional Authority (TA) Fukamalaza, with people with disabilities and their guardians.

Banda said people with disabilities have the capability to express their opinions and positively contribute towards national development.  
The Aspiring member, said she met the people with disabilities to see explain to them the calendar of events and how best they were expected to participate in the tripartite election.

“It is not all about soliciting votes. As a leader I take it upon myself to meet different venerable groupings of people including women, children and people with disabilities.

The reason is to make sure that everyone is involved in the development of our constituency so that we support each other and no is left behind.”  Banda pointed out.

Vice Chairperson of Fukamalaza Disability Group, Ferguson Chirwa said people with disabilities need special consideration during elections.

“In special meetings like, various degrees and nature of disabilities are leant. This allows officials to devise right support systems and strategies to incorporate people with disabilities in the larger community,” he said.

Chirwa appreciated the effort for organizing the meeting that he said, encouraged and equipped people with disability with right information on how to participate in the election.


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