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Thursday, 30 April 2015 11:19

Malengachanzi ADC distributes bicycles to chiefs for safe motherhood

Written by  Anastazio Mpumulo

Nkhotakota, April 30, 2015: Malengachanzi Area Development Committee (ADC) in Nkhotakota has distributed 10 bicycles to group village heads to carry patients, especially pregnant women and children to health facilities.

Chairperson of subcommittee on safe motherhood and child development, Group Village Head Phangwa, said various businessmen at Nkhotakota Trading Centre and some non-governmental organizations contributed to purchase the bicycles.

“After formulating this subcommittee in 2013 in order to deal with appalling maternal deaths, we noted that each group village head should have a bicycle ambulance and a bicycle to assist in realizing our goal.

“Since then, we have been liaising with various partners who have contributed these bicycles after noting that we are committed to dealing with maternal deaths,” she said.

Nkhotakota District Health Officer Sosten Lankhulani who attended the meeting thanked the ADC for the initiative to address maternal health challenges.

“These bicycles will assist a lot especially the group village heads which are very far away from health facilities as one of the contributing factors to high child and maternal deaths is long distances to health facilities.

“We are glad therefore that chiefs are taking part in addressing maternal deaths. We will take you to all health centres in the district to share what you’re doing with community members surrounding health centres to replicate what you’re doing,” said Lankhulani.

Nkhotakota District Social Welfare Officer Derek Mwenda and representative of Senior Chief Malengachanzi implored the beneficiaries to use the bicycles for their intended purpose.


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