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Saturday, 13 January 2018 10:28

Mzimba South calls for assistance for cholera prevention

Written by  Zenak Matekenya
Preparation for washrooms at a cholera camp in Nsanje - File Photo Preparation for washrooms at a cholera camp in Nsanje - File Photo

Mzimba, January 13, 2017: There are fears that Mzimba South District which borders with Zambia where several people are reported to have been affected by Cholera outbreak, might not manage to contain the disease once the district is hit by the same due to limited resources.

District Environmental Health Officer (DEHO) for Mzimba, Bestido Nkhoma Friday told members of District Executive Committee (DEC) that the district has only one tent earmarked for quarantining cholera patients and 50 kilogrammes of chlorine in reserve.

"We need about six tents, more chlorine and beds, otherwise as it is, we can't cope up with the pressure in case of an outbreak," he said.

Nkhoma urged stakeholders to assist the District Health Office (DHO) with the required resources saying the challenge has come about due to financial constraints at the institution.

He said there are reports of the outbreak in Zambia, near Edingeni, a distance of about 13km from Mzimba Boma.

"Most partners come in when there is a crisis but the best way to assist is to contribute towards prevention strategies. Prevention is cheaper than responding to crisis," the DEHO noted.

He said community sensitization meetings on the disease are being conducted across the district besides using Mzimba Community Radio Station to air behaviour and social change messages as a precautionary measure to prevent the disease.


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