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Friday, 12 January 2018 16:26

Options Consulting Limited for vibrant health centres advisory committees

Written by  Taonga Nyirenda
One of the healthy Centres in the country in Phalombe - File Photo One of the healthy Centres in the country in Phalombe - File Photo

Rumphi, 12 January, 2017: Options Consulting Limited Health Centre Advisory Committee says enhancement of community-based approach in drug accountability and participation in health-related issues has contributed to improved health service delivery in Rumphi District.

The advisory committee’s manager, Pius Nakoma, said Tuesday when he presented to Rumphi District Executive Committee findings of a pilot project which aimed at strengthening community and facility level engagement in health sector governance and accountability.

The project was conducted by Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) targeting Mlowe, Lura, Mwazisi and Bolero health facilities in the district.

The pilot project also aimed at promoting district and sub-district level oversight mechanisms and empowering communities in resource mobilization and financial management at the health facility level.

“It is pleasing to report that Lura Health Centre Advisory Committee (HCAC) has managed to mobilize ten mattresses for the maternity wing at the facility,” said Nakoma.

He further explained that the project has assisted in improving health centres’ management and utilization of drugs, supplies and equipment through drug management sub-committees which witness drug delivery and conduct monthly stock counts.

“There has also been improved responsiveness of duty bearers to issues raised by the HCACs, which indicates that there is good working relationship between community members and service providers,” he added.

The project has been scaled up in the three pilot study districts to strengthen HCACs’ role to continue improve service delivery and drug accountability in the targeted health centres in the districts.

Options Consulting Limited, a United Kingdom (UK) based organization is implementing the project through Malawi Health Sector Programme Technical Assistance (MHSP-TA) in Rumphi, Mwanza and Mulanje districts with funding from Department for International Development (DFID).  


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