18 March 2018
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Friday, 29 December 2017 12:23

Govt committed to promotion of health in rural areas - Muluzi

Written by  Daniel Kasondo
Muluzi welcomed by chiefs - Pic by Daniel Kasondo Muluzi welcomed by chiefs - Pic by Daniel Kasondo

Thyolo, December 29, 2017: Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi said on Thursday that government is committed to promote the health of Malawians by ensuring that people in rural areas have access to health services within their reach.

Muluzi said this at Mthike Village, Traditional Authority Ngolongoliwa in Thyolo when he visited a site that has been identified for construction of a new health centre.

"People from this area and beyond will be assisted within reach, that’s what we want as government," Muluzi said.

The health minister then assured people that the processes of constructing the new health centre is under way and that identification of a contractor would be done early January in 2018.

In an interview, Thyolo District Acting Director for Health and Social Services, Arnold Jumbe, said the new health centre would greatly help people in the area as they used to walk long distances to Chisoka and Chimaliro, which are five and seven kilometres way respectively.

Jumble said the new facility will serve over 24, 000 people from Traditional Authority Ngolongoliwa.

The identified site was only used by Thyolo District Hospital for under-five outreach clinic services.


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