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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 14:55

Luchenza to increase revenue and sanitation with bowser

Written by  Daniel Kasondo


THYOLO, November 29, 2017: The revenue base and sanitation level of Luchenza Municipality may improve following the rehabilitation of the motor bowser which helps in emptying septic tanks and drainages for residents in the district and surrounding areas at a fee.

The Municipality's Acting Procurement officer, Ida Chisema, said in an interview on Tuesday the vehicle was grounded for some years but now that it was back on the road, the revenue base of the municipality would increase.

"We are happy the machine is back to life. This brings us more money for our operations, service delivery and helps in the sanitation of the municipality," said Chisema.

The officer said apart from being hired locally by the residents to empty their septic tanks, the bowser is also hired by surrounding estate owners and districts like Mulanje and Chikwawa for sanitation purposes.

She said it was awkward and a health hazard for the municipality to operate without the bowser as septic tanks overload, especially during rainy season.

Luchenza Environmental Officer, Pilo Mponda, said the sanitation status of the municipality was compromised when the vehicle grounded but said the situation would soon improve with the bowser.

"We had problems to manage liquid wastes as required but now we will be able to help accordingly. People have already started booking us for the machine. Emptying of tanks is one of our roles," he said.

The officer said most homes and institutions around had problems to manage liquid wastes and now it was their opportunity to use the bowser at the municipality.
"With the machine, we want to attain the status of being one of the cleanest municipalities in the country," he said.



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