13 November 2018
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Mangochi DHO fears diabetic patients suffer in silence

Written by  Sellah Singini

MANGOCHI, November 28, 2017: Mangochi District Hospital (DHO) says it is worried that many people suffering from diabetes fail to access health services due to long distance.

District Health Officer (DHO) for Mangochi District Hospital, Dr Stalin Zinkanda made the remarks in an interview with journalists during awareness campaign on the non-communicable disease. The awareness was organized by Lions Club at Mangochi District Council office over the weekend.

Dr Zinkanda said Mangochi Hospital is currently attending to 700 diabetic patients and fears there are more such patients in the remote villages who are suffering in silence due to distance and lack of information.

“Patients suffering from diabetes are supposed to come to the Hospital every month from remote areas. But others fail because they do not have transport. This is a clear indication that many are suffering in silence,” he said.

On this note, the DHO said they are in the process of empowering health centres with information on how to detect diabetes in patients.

He said this would enable patients access medical services within their communities. He said some of the symptoms for diabetes are frequent passing of urine, persistent thirst, weight loss, and insatiable appetite that leads to consumption of a lot of food.

In his remarks, District Governor for Lions Club for Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Botswana, Lion Jona Machaya, said Lions Club International had clocked 100 years and is now focusing on fighting against diabetes and cancer.

“Diabetes is a silent killer. It is a number four killer disease in the world,” explained Lion Machaya, adding: “Presently, one in every ten people has diabetes.”

He said as lions they would educate as many people as possible about the disease across the country.

During the awareness campaign people got tested for diabetes and high blood pressure for free. At least five out of 150 people tested positive of diabetes.



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