11 December 2017
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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 07:04

Male condom stock outs worry Mulanje Hospital

Written by  Nellie Kapatuka


Condoms shortage posing HIV contraction threats

Mulanje, November 28, 2017: Family Planning Coordinator for Mulanje District Hospital, Margaret Mchere, has observed that frequent condom stock outs in the district’s health facilities remain a big challenge in the fight against HIV new infections.

Mchere made the observation Tuesday at the boma during a district condom stakeholders meeting.

She said the situation is emanating from the fact that male condoms are the ones on high demand as opposed to female ones.

She disclosed that some health facilities go up to three months without a new condom stock, a development she said was greatly affecting the fight against HIV infection.

"Indeed, the frequent running out of male condoms in our health facilities is a very big challenge. We need to sensitize people on the recommended use of female condoms to partly address the problem,” added the coordinator.

Speaking at the same meeting, HIV Prevention Manager for Population Services International (PSI), Brenda Kamanga, said condoms are distributed in districts according to demand.

She said apart from the condoms being provided by government in its health facilities, PSI provide the same through their partner organizations, but said they are currently not doing so in Mulanje.

However, she said they do monitor condom usage and report to relevant stakeholders to make them available according to demand.

"As PSI, we are not currently distributing condoms in Mulanje but hopefully the District Health Office will find ways to address the challenge of frequent stock outs", said Kamanga.


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