20 August 2018
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Thursday, 09 November 2017 16:11

Machinga Council to hold HTC week

Written by  Patrick Ndawala

Machinga, November 9, 2017: In an effort to get more people tested for HIV and reduce the spread of the virus, Machinga District Council has planned to carry out a massive HTC week in the district.                                                                                                                                                                     

Machinga District Council Senior Nutrition, HIV and AIDS Officer, Ben Tonho, said on Wednesday the HTC week will be conducted in the five traditional authorities.

“We are yet to come up with the specific areas where the exercise will take place. It is our desire that the exercise should take place in hard-to-reach areas,” He said.

Tonho commended Chinansi Foundation for committing itself to finance the exercise on whose importance he said communities will be sensitized, thus knowing their status.

“The message is simple. If you are found with the virus, just start taking the ARVs. If not, then continue avoiding unhealthy behaviours,” he said.

He also urged stakeholders in the district to work hand in hand in the fight against reducing the spread of HIV.

According to Tonho, about 12 in every 100 people of Machinga District are HIV positive.


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