21 September 2018
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Friday, 27 October 2017 06:01

Mlare Health Centre closes down as medical assistant goes on holiday

Written by  Leonard Masauli

Karonga, October 26, 2017: Communities surrounding Mlare Health Centre will need to dig deep into their pockets to pay for transport to reach other health facilities as Mlare is reportedly closed down because the sole Medical Assistant is on holiday. 

Health Advisory Chairperson in the area, Vyanangika Mkwala, confirmed the incident Thursday, saying since 20th October, the health centre has not been operational and patients are finding it hard to access medical services.

Mkwala said it is even worse with pregnant mothers and other seriously ill patients who require immediate attention.

“It is true the facility is closed down. The Medical Assistant went on holiday on the 20th October and up to now there is no one who has taken charge of the duties because there is only one Medical Assistant.

“We reported the matter to the Assistant Health Service Administrator, but he said they would sit down and come back to us. Up to now there is no response,” Mkwala said.

However, Karonga District Health Officer Phinias Mfune said Thursday he was not aware of the development and asked for more time to find out more on the issue.

During the previous interface meeting organized by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation on health governance issues, it was noted that there is shortage of health workers in most health facilities across the district.

District Coordinator for CHRR in Karonga, Gracian Mbewe, said it was pathetic to close down the health centre because the worker is on holiday.

“It is very pathetic. People are being denied their right to access health services which is not good. As CHRR, we are going to meet the DHO to ensure a health worker is sent to Mlare to help the people.

“We plead with the government to recruit more nurses to send them to health centres because communities are failing to access services due to shortage of workers,” Mbewe said.


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