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Friday, 11 August 2017 15:26

Worsening congestion at Mapale Health Centre worries Mzuzu City MP

Written by  Andrew Mkonda

Mzuzu, August 11: Mzuzu City Member of Parliament Leonard Njikho says the city needs a modern district hospital to ease worsening congestion at Mapale Health Centre.

Speaking Wednesday during a Nyika Media Club tour of projects in his constituency implemented through Local Development Fund (LDF), Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and DFID Njikho said congestion at the health centre was getting worse.

“You will be sad to see that people go to Mapale Health Centre early in the morning, spending the whole day there, but sometimes they go back home without getting any treatment due to congestion which has worsened of late,” he said.

Njikho said as the population of Mzuzu is growing rapidly, there is need to have a modern district hospital which can ease pressure on the current Mapale Health Centre.

“I will ask government and well-wishers to consider constructing a modern district hospital befitting the city,” he said.

On LDF and CDF projects, Njikho said the funds have assisted in connecting different townships within the city, since a number of bridges have been constructed.

“Mzuzu was not linked the way it is now. You can now go to Lupaso from Area 1B or Luwinga without problems; you can go to Zolozolo from Luwinga passing through Petroda Filling Station without problems.

“You can travel from CCAP or Vigwagwa Market to Mzilawayingwe without any problem; while in the past this road was very dangerous –women were being raped and others were being robbed. This is now history,” he said.

He further said much of the funds (LDF and CDF) have been used in constructing and renovating classroom blocks in some primary schools such as Kaviwale, Geisha, Nkhokwe, Mchengautuwa 2 and Area 1B.

Msongwe Ward Councilor, Judith Chiume said the bridge that has been constructed in her ward has solved the problem that people were facing to cross the river especially during rainy season.

“It was not easy; this is the place that young people who operate their businesses with motorcycles were failing to cross.

“It was a very big challenge and everyone in the community is very thankful to our Member of Parliament and the government,” she said.

Among other projects that have been implemented using LDF and CDF in Mzuzu include a laboratory and Library at Msongwe CDSS, ADMARC selling point in Mzilawayingwe and modern toilets at Mchengautuwa 2 and CCAP primary schools.

Besides these developments, DFID is also constructing modern school blocks at Msilo, Kawuwa, Ching’ambo and Viyele primary schools.

CDF is an arrangement from the central government to constituencies meant to finance local development projects like construction of bridges, school blocks and boreholes and is entrusted in the hands of legislators.

During the June sitting of parliament, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe announced the increase of the CDF from K18 million to K23 million though legislators wanted the fund to be increased to K30 million.

However, recently the media was awash with reports of abuse of CDF by many legislators in the country.

To this effect, Nyika Media Club has embarked on a tour of various constituencies to appreciate development projects financed by CDF.




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